About Us​

Our passion for Risk Culture Building will transform your business!

Let’s move from process to purpose!
Change the outdated Risk Management “processes” into the Effective Management of Risk​

We don’t do Consultancy – We offer Advisory Services to help you to be better – at doing it yourself

We don’t do Training – We do Interactive Knowledge Transfer Interventions— it is MUCH better than training!

Risk Culture Building Vision.

To transform risk management by everybody doing something to mitigate, control and optimise every situation of risk, every day; at home and at work.

Risk Culture Building Mission.

To communicate life-changing messages to people to transform risk management and to build sustainable competitive advantage for business by optimising risk response.

Our Team

Horst Simon
Founder / Risk Culture Builder ​
Windhoek, Namibia
Vancouver, Canada

A veteran in banking operations management, mergers, take-overs and implementation projects; who is now at the forefront of the Future of Risk Management with Risk Management Concepts and Risk Culture Building programs that disrupt and transform organisations to build sustainable competitive advantage.

Zlatko Vuevski
Associate / Risk Culture Builder
Skopje, Macedonia​

I am passionate about culture, leadership, and language. I have a strong background in Risk Management and Information Security. Proactive in managing challenges with flexibility and resilience. My mission is to use my knowledge and experience to help others reach their fullest potential.